Referred Brands = Greater Profitability

Great branding is about understanding who are the likely zealots, what are the passion points your brand can deliver to and what is the language and promotions that generate action … and referral. The “magic” is a mix of art, insight and a lot of creative sweat and persistence.

Well-defined Zealotry brands deliver 18% greater productivity. Zealotry brands deliver 12% greater profitability.

If you are not making a passionate connection with your brand, then perhaps a Zealotry Workshop session is in order!

GRM Wins EMMY for Television Campaign

GRM’s television campaign for CURE Childhood Cancer was awarded the southeast EMMY for nonprofit television at the recent awards show in Atlanta. We are particularly pleased that the incredible story of a Kennedy Cobble, a true warrior against the ravages of cancer, gains additional exposure!  

Check out CURE Childhood Cancer below:

Vision and Mission. The Key to Donor Engagement.

In Jeopardy the answer would be, "vision and mission." Any veteran development professional will know the correct question: "What motivates donors to give to charity?" The fund raiser's ability to express with clarity and passion an organization's vision and mission lies at the heart of the development process. We design and present our message to appeal to the hearts and minds of prospective donors, and the strength of our appeal determines our success.

Google is Going Mobile. Is Your Brand?

Google is penalizing non-mobile responsive sites. Here are some tips to help your site: Facebook Instant articles. These articles are an easy way to optimize pages for mobile visitors and decrease load times. Blogging. An excellent platform to reach potential followers as it resonates with search terms. Installing a donate button on Facebook. Live stream. Using Twitter’s Periscope or Facebook’s live stream feature are excellent ways to engage supporters. By making the most of social media applications and opportunities, organizations can improve their search ranking and thereby reach a larger interested audience.  

Check if your site is mobile friendly below:

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